Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Voodoo Pregnancy Centers

TomPaine.com - Voodoo Pregnancy Centers: "So how much does Henry Waxman rock? You have to love the work he does. The report released yesterday from his office that 20 out of 23 federally funded pregnancy crises centers gave bogus information to their researchers really shouldn't be all that shocking. It's not like people (including Waxman) haven't been saying for years that many anti-abortion, anti-sex education programs are based on morality masquerading as science. So why should it be any different in centers that are designed to prevent abortions? We already know medical science isn't their top selling point. The report is chock full of horrible statements of untruth told to the pretend 17-year-olds from Waxman's office.

There's plenty of misleading information about breast cancer and sterility that's amusing in a funny-sad kind of way. But nothing is as stupid as the quotes about abortion causing mental instability because there's nothing as mentally calming as giving birth when you are 17 years old."

SCIENCE not garbage is what our children deserve. "Morality masquerading as science" is hurting everyone. Separation of church and state is imperative.

Required reading: The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood...that is, if you learned critical thinking skills in school. This novel shows "the darker interconnections between politics and sex." (attribution: Washington Post Book World).

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