Friday, July 14, 2006 :: Straight Talk 2006 - Introduction :: Straight Talk 2006 - Introduction: "Introduction to Straight Talk 2006
As Straight Talk 2006 is published, the catastrophic conservatism of George Bush and the DeLay Congress is collapsing. Americans have turned against the signature Bush initiatives: the war in Iraq, privatization of Social Security, trickle-down economics and the Big Oil energy policy. Katrina exposed the lethal incompetence, cronyism and corruption that is the hallmark of the Bush administration and the DeLay Congress. The GOP coalition is splintering. The religious right's extremism�Schiavo, stem cell research, attacks on science�alienates most Americans. DeLay is gone. Bush has moved from swagger to sorry.
The vast majority of Americans want the country to move in a dramatically different direction. Progressives have the opportunity to challenge the grip that the right has had on our imaginations and our policies over the past quarter century.
Straight Talk is designed to serve up ammunition for that challenge. It provides activists and candidates the basics on how to argue our case. "

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