Wednesday, July 19, 2006

BBC NEWS | Americas | US House rejects gay marriage ban

Bombing in the middle east, civilians dying, killings in Darfur...AND THIS MATTERS?????? Total bullshit. Our so-called elected representatives only pander for the votes they think they will get with stupid stunts like this. I am glad to see that some people had a few brain cells to rub together! A gay marriage or civil union has nothing, NOTHING to do with my marriage for crying out loud, or anybody else's marriage for that matter!
BBC NEWS | Americas | US House rejects gay marriage ban: "The US House of Representatives has rejected a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage, ending the congressional debate on the issue.
The motion was backed by 236 to 187 votes - 47 votes short of the two thirds majority needed to advance it.
The bill had already been defeated in the Senate, which blocked it in June.
President George W Bush had backed the amendment. Critics said he was trying to win back disillusioned Republicans for November's mid-term elections. "

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