Saturday, July 08, 2006

The Amazing Adventures of "Hollister Boy"

Hollister, the new fad in kids clothing. To me, Hollister means colostomy bags, LOL. To kids it's an image thing. As you will note, the company picture from their web site is akin to Abercrombie and Fitch. I learned some interesting things from "Hollister Boy," a young friend of one of my kids. First of all, you can't be ugly or fat or out of shape to work at Hollister. You must maintain a "Hollister-like" image both at work and on your days off. Weekends you must wear Hollister clothing in OD green (army green), but you have to buy the clothing out of your meager salary.
As my young friend says, Hollister is a white people's thing, a way they can think they look "cool." He was quietly outraged about orientation. They watched a film about the Hollister "image" which showed well dressed white kids making fun of a kid not dressed in Hollister clothing, a nerd, noting that they must "help" him because he looked so stupid. The orientation, to his surprise, did not focus on the usual items found in corporate orientation, like customer, it was about image. They must wear tight clothing to accentuate their great bodies, and males must make sure to show off their "packages." Thankfully our "Hollister Boy" has his head screwed on straight and can see some humor in the ridiculous job requirements. He sees it as playing a roll while at work, right down to the absolutely stupid manner in which they are encouraged to address customers, for example "Hey bro". He finds it all a bit racist and condescending. More as the adventures go on....

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