Friday, July 07, 2006

Ann Coulter-geist

Keith Olbermann found out that Ann Coulter isn’t disputing the plagiarism charges leveled against her by The NY Post. Isn’t that odd? Instead, she’s fighting back by calling it " New York’s second crappiest paper." That’s pretty lame. However, this latest rant is pretty sick even for her.

Olbermann: But our winner…

Not the plaigarism stuff — something new. She told a Denver radio station that while Liberals opposed people’s rights to smoke in restaurants, they seemed not to be worried about the health consequences of quote "polymorphous perversity." She concluded sarcastically — quoting again — "anal sex and fisting, that’s part of our deepest privacy rights."
Ann — euuuuhhhh…One of my producers proposed this headline "Woman With Adam’s Apple Denounces Anal Sex And Fisting."

Ann Coultergeist… today’s Worst… Person… In The World!

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