Friday, July 14, 2006

The moron strikes again, an embarrassment in Germany

You should see the broadcasts, it's horrible. He is being asked intelligent questions, but all he can talk about it pork! Hmmmm....maybe he is really thinking about the US greenback kind of port? Roast pig guest-stars on Bush visit to Germany�|� "STRALSUND, Germany (Reuters) - President Bush had more on his mind than Iran's nuclear program, Middle East tensions and Russian press freedoms during a visit to Germany Thursday.
He kept mentioning a wild boar, slaughtered and roasted according to local tradition, that he planned to share at a dinner with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in her home constituency at a Baltic resort.
'I'm looking forward to the feast you're going to have tonight. I understand I may have the honor of slicing the pig,' Bush told Merkel at the outset of their joint news conference in Stralsund, north of Berlin."

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