Thursday, July 27, 2006

Congressional candidate Rick Bolanos to be featured on Discovery Channel

Rick Bolanos Featured in Discovery Channel Documentary
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Rick Bolanos the democratic nominee for the 23rd congressional district in the November election, will be featured in a documentary about veterans who are running for office this year that will air on the Discovery Times Channel in the fall.

A camera crew is following Bolanos throughout his campaign said his aide Placido Salazar. Bolanos an educator and Vietnam Veteran is one of four campaigns that have been selected by the Discovery Channel to document. Cinematographers Brent and Craig Renaud are filming the series. The Renaud brothers ( ) are award winning film producers that recently filmed a documentary about a group of Reserves from Clarksville Arkansas that were activated and sent to Iraq.
The brothers spent 18 months embedded with the reservists and their documentary, which ran 10 episodes on the Discovery channel, was recognized for awards both nationally and internationally. Denise Arrigali, spokesperson for the producers said that Bolanos is one of 50 veterans vying for a congressional seat. She went on to say that the brothers are collectively known as the “Band of Brothers” and that at no other time in history have so many veterans run for national office at the same time.
Bolanos, who is one of the original band of brothers that campaigned extensively for John Kerry during the 2004 presidential election, said that the Band of Brothers are running because they disagree with how Republicans are handling the war in Iraq. From a female Army captain who lost both her legs in Iraq to dozens of Purple Heart veterans (Bolanos included) from the Iraq and Viet Nam wars the series will follow the stories of those veterans as they run for elected offices.

Sigh, the Discovery channel couldn't make it to progessivegranie's house for the fundraiser, pictured here:

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