Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Media Matters - In Middle East conflict, other crises, conservative media find signs of Biblical prophecy of Armageddon

If this does not scare the heck out of you I don't know what will. These folks are actually HAPPY about war, death and destruction. It makes one think, when will they drop a nuke on Iran? This is NUTS!Media Matters - In Middle East conflict, other crises, conservative media find signs of Biblical prophecy of Armageddon: "In recent days, some members of the conservative media have seen signs of the Apocalypse in the escalated conflicts in the Middle East and Asia. While some, like Christian Broadcasting Network's The 700 Club host Pat Robertson, consider the possibility and seem to reject it; others see early signs; still others, including columnist and author Hal Lindsey, simply assert: 'Now Armageddon looms large before us.'
As Media Matters for America has noted, on the July 12 edition of his CNN Headline News show, host Glenn Beck identified the current conflicts in the Middle East and India as evidence that 'it is the end of days' and later described the conflicts as 'World War III and the impending apocalypse.' Beck also stated that 'whether you like it or not, this is a religious war.' As Media Matters also noted, Beck and former CIA officer Robert Baer had a similar discussion on the July 13 edition of CNN Headline News' Glenn Beck, during which Baer said: 'We can see this spreading into other countries. We are much closer to Armageddon.'"." On the July 18 edition of the program, Beck referred to the recent heat wave as "the apocalypse" and after showing a photo of a cat born with two faces, Beck said it was "further evidence, oh, yes, that the end of days is approaching quickly." He then asked: "How far away from the plague of locusts are we?" As Media Matters further noted, on the July 24 edition of the program, while discussing Iran, Beck said: "I truly believe these mullahs are far worse than Hitler. ... I believe these guys are biblically evil." He concluded: "We have a series starting tomorrow on the coming of the messiah."
In a July 22 commentary posted on titled "On the threshold of Armageddon?" Rev. Jerry Falwell, founder and chairman of the Moral Majority Coalition, wrote: "It is apparent, in light of the rebirth of the state of Israel, that the present-day events in the Holy Land may very well serve as a prelude or forerunner to the future Battle of Armageddon and the glorious return of Jesus Christ."

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