Saturday, July 15, 2006

Rick Bolanos visits Boerne, rocks the house!

What a great evening! Food, friends, and spirited discussion. Rick Bolanos, Congressional Candidate in Tx district 23....the most gerrymandered district in Texas according to the court....came by for the evening. Spirits were high and the discussion was extremely animated, particularly when it came to the potential changes in our district before Nov. 2006. Rick spoke about his Congressional ethics complaint lodged against Henry Bonilla, who helped finance the redistricting efforts in Texas, in violation of ethics rules. As noted in an El Paso Times article.

Redistricting is a major discussion right now in District 23. The consensus of opinion was that this will probably end up being another, and worse gerrymander in order to save either Henry Bonilla or Henry Cuellar, and will not actually do anything to protect the voting rights of Hispanics in District 23. It's a shameful thing.

We had a great time, enjoying the company of the best of folks from Bandera, Kendall and Bexar county, awesome food, and fresh popcorn for the movie "The Big Buy" about Tom DeLay. An appropriate movie for those of us in District 23, who were screwed in the gerrymandering, thanks to DeLay.

I believe the Dems in this three county area are some of the best cooks around. After all, the world's best chicken mole was provided by Placido's wife...hats off to you dear madam! Yep folks, this is Texas, where we can be multicultural not only in our friendships, but also with our food. Potluck dinners bring a host of foods from the melting pot that is Texas. Yum!

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