Sunday, July 30, 2006 - DALLAS BLOG - KBH POPULARITY HIGHER THAN PREZ#comment428234

Excellent pont by Libby Shaw regarding Kay Bailey Hutchison. - DALLAS BLOG - KBH POPULARITY HIGHER THAN PREZ#comment428234: "Our senior Senator has broken her contact with America by reneging on her promise to serve only two terms. Our senior Senator has supported the crook of two centuries, Mr. Tom DeLay. Indeed, I wonder if the day she cut work when the Appropriations Committee met to divide up federal funding for all of the states, was the same one in which she chaired the fundraiser for DeLay�s legal defense fund. Or was it the day she attended a fund raising event for Abramoff?

Our Texas conservative politicians are everything the Republican author rails against in the article quoted above. They bring shame on the House and Senate.

Mr. Davis supports Senator Hutchison because she is �classy� and �dignified.� Well I find dignity and class hard to find in someone who routinely and cynically votes against all legislation that will help the working people in this state. She favors an immigration policy that will ensure a revolving door of slave laborers to big business at the expense of the Texan unskilled worker. The senator has voted to slash benefits for our veterans. Our schools are next to last in the nation and yet Senator Hutchison voted against the bill, which would give $52M for 21st century community learning, centers in our schools.

Our state has among the highest amount of folks without health care in the U.S. Thank God for Mississippi! Do policies that systematically undermine the educational, economic and physical well being of the working people of this state qualify as classy and dignified, Mr. Davis?

Mr. or Ms. Savrola says the Senator is good on not raising taxes. Which means, the Senator is really good at ensuring the upper 1% of wage earners enjoy tax cuts. Everyone else gets a few bucks "

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