Thursday, June 29, 2006

Remember when the laptop with the veterans data was stolen?

This is a copy of the letter that they send to you. I got one. I am pissed. Then today the Feds say they found the laptop and nobody accessed it. Hello, do I look totally stupid? I sincerely doubt they are telling the truth. After all, what happened, did the fed employee just lose the laptop on the way to the bathroom, or what?
Total B.S. period.
Oh there was a second page listing FAQ's, such as

How can I tell if my information was compromised?

what is the earliest date at which suspicious activity might have occurred due to this breach...and the answer is May 2006...gosh thanks for the timely notice guys

Where should I report suspicious or unusual activity? The letter says to contact the 3 major credit bureaus....duh. Like all the information they have is totally correct.

Ok, I am truly pissed off. The feds should have done more to help veterans out such as free credit watch, guaranteeing that veterans are fully covered for their breach of security, and more.

Here is a very scary fact: As noted in the news, data on 26.5 million veterans was stolen.Here is an interesting fact that I just learned. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in 2005, there were 24.5 million military veterans in the United States. So I guess that means the information on almost all US veterans was potentially compromised. Great job VA. Kiss my big, zoftig derriere Mr. Bush. I do not believe a friggin word you or your paid cronies have to say.

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