Wednesday, June 07, 2006

6/6/06 Ann cultures evil book is released, and shows her evil side

Crooks and Liars: "Kathy: I'd like to go after Ann Coulter, I saw that nut-bag on the show earlier. What's she doing wearing a cocktail dress at seven in the morning. She got home from the party last night. Doesn't she just make stuff up Al? Who fact checks? You can't just let Ann Coulter..."

Kathy is sooo right! Matt questioned Ann Coulter to the point that Ann said..."don't get testy with me!" However, who couldn't get testy with that bitch? I was astounded at the names she called the widows of 9/11, and as for calling liberals atheists...I am sure that the inside of my church sees me more often in prayer than Ann Coulter's does. You see, IMHO, Ann is one of the hypocrites that goes to services and bad mouths every one know the type, they are present in EVERY church. Trust me. Just look around and pay attention to the lip service, gossip and back stabbing the next time you darken the door of a church. It's easy to spot, all the Ann Coulter bitch types. And she thinks liberals are Godless...think again are evil, nasty and cold. Isn't that what the attributes of a succubus are?

Meow! Grannie here is feeling pretty ugly about this woman.

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