Monday, June 05, 2006

An Interview with Glen Maxey

This is worth reading, and remember, vote for Glen Maxey at the convention in Ft. Worth. We need someone who will actually DO something. Glen has proven he can do that.
Burnt Orange Report: :: 40/40: An Interview with Glen Maxey: "What kind of new technologies do you believe the TDP should be utilizing?
I'd be willing to sit down and try and get the TDP to at least what they were doing, technology wise, in the 1980's. If we could just get there, it'd be a revolution. The fact that there is not an accessible web page for every county in this party - something we could build for nothing - is inexcusable. I had a hosting company, somebody I know, call me and tell me that if I become state party chair, they'd give free hosting to every Democrat in the state and the TDP. They'd work that out as an in-kind contribution to the candidates.
More than anything else, in organizing, I find people saying, 'I don't know who to talk to, I don't know where to go.' If I go to the TDP website, there is not a link to tell people how to register a voter or become a deputy registrar. There are all sort of those nitty-gritty things -- what I like to call a 'Campaign in a box' -- best tools that you can use to organize your county and your precinct. A precinct chair here in Travis County has created a tool where every precinct chair in the county can go list their volunteers and sign-up online. Once you build a tool like that, it's real easy to make that go statewide. The vote by mail project that we just used for Senator Radnofsky allows folks from outside the state -- people who may be at school or otherwise gone during the election season -- to easily vote by mail. That tool, for example, can revolutionize what a grassroots organizer can tell anyone when they go door-to-door.
Then there's the online phone banking, where you can build a list at one level and use it for any other race. It used to be, that when you did phone banking, you had to go to a vendor and purchase boxes of hard-copy lists. Now, tho"

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