Thursday, June 15, 2006

Did you wonder why...

at the state Democratic Convention we did not have an opportunity to hear John Courage or Rick Bolanos address the convention? I know I wondered about it. I wish I had been able to read this email before the convention. However, it arrived the day I left for Ft. Worth, a day I did not check my email. All I can say is that I feel vindicated that all along I was a Maxey supporter and not a Richie supporter. Richie, IMHO, is just a blowhard and will not do anything of value to change our direction.

Here is some information from the Rick Bolanos campaign.

Rick Bolanos the democratic candidate for the 23rd congressional district in Texas speaking at a breakfast in San Elizario, Texas blasted Boyd Ritchie and the Texas Democratic party for their lack of vision and common sense. Bolanos stated that it was "incomprehensible" the Mr. Ritchie and the democratic party would refuse to let the "congressional" candidates address the convention during the common gatherings.

Bolanos stated that " state races are absolutely and without a doubt important races and every candidate running for a state position should be permitted to expound their platform to our patriot democrats who give of their time to defend the conceptual precepts upon which our nation is founded."

He went on to say that it was just as important for the congressional candidates to be offered that same opportunity. Bolanos went on to say that "We have some tremendous congressional candidates like John Courage, Ted Ankrum, John Morris, and David Harris jus to name a few. They are tremendous speakers that can instill the desire of our party to work hard to create the impetus for change.These candidates have an opportunity to change the course of human events in this nation and they absolutely need to be able to speak to our democrats so that they can enflame the passions of those great patriots and encourage them to work hard to get all democrats elected.

Bolanos stated that "Boyd Ritchie and the democratic party refuses to give us the time to address our democrats at a time when we are facing a crisis of corruption. It is extremely imperative that our democrats know that my opponent (Mr. Bonilla) has prostituted his vote and his record shows it. He votes his donors and not his constituents, and for my district it is essential that they hear these facts directly from the candidate that is attempting to unseat an incumbent who's only loyalty is to the almighty dollar. Unfortunately they won't be able to hear this because the actions of Boyd Ritchie and the party won't permit it."

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