Monday, June 05, 2006

From my friends at the Kendallian Voice

The Kendallian Voice: "Bolanos Bowls Over Boerne

If Democrats put the effort into getting out the vote as they do making finger foods for our meetings, we'd be declaring MISSION ACCOMPLISHED ourselves...(cymbal crash). But seriously folks, yesterday's soiree at the Boerne Middle School South was enjoyed by about a hundred of us. Party Chair John Weir introduced Virgil Yanta, who got the proceedings going by reminding us of how it used to be. His rememberances were spot-on and nostalgic, in a bitter-sweet way.
Party representative Anthony Gutierrez then appeared to remind us how we're re-building the state party from the grass roots up. It was Gutierrez's job to introduce the day's main speaker, Rick Bolanos.

He and two of his three brothers took the stage, and in near-preacheresque tones, Bolanos told his story, and of how his family's love of country was pretty near genetic. His charismatic speech also dealt with the brass tax of the current situation: that Henry Bonilla can't seem to find a large donor whose cause he can't support with a vote. As to representing his constituency, well...that's just not on his radar.

All in all, it was a very nice turnout with lots-n-lots of Kendall County, Bandera County, Kerr County checks finding their way into the jar that then went to Bolanos for his campaign.

Also there was 29-year Army vet Ann Wright, who resigned her commission to join Cindy Sheehan in her fight to end the war in Iraq.

Thank you to the Kendall County Area Democratic Women for organizing this thing. It was a great event that went off without a hitch, and raised a lot of money for a strong candidate. And thanks to lefties from all over the hill country for doing the most important thing: showing up. We'll get nowhere without that first step! Now...on to the Fort Worth Democratic Convention!


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