Tuesday, June 06, 2006

icWales - Mounties 'sold chemicals to terror suspects'

icWales - Mounties 'sold chemicals to terror suspects': "Mounties 'sold chemicals to terror suspects'Jun 5 2006

THE Mounties delivered three tons of potential bomb-making material to a group said to have been planning a string of al Qaida-inspired attacks, in an undercover operation, according to a report.
The Toronto Star said Royal Canadian Mounted Police investigators delivered the ammonium nitrate to a group of Muslim Canadians, then moved in quickly on what officials call a suspected home-grown terror ring.
The newspaper said investigators learned of the group's alleged plan to bomb targets around Ontario, then controlled the sale and transport of the fertiliser. "

So, to quote a Canadian friend, "at least we get them BEFORE they blow anything up." The saying goes that the Mounties always get their man, and obviously they do. Perhaps we can send our guys up there to learn a thing or two.

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