Sunday, June 11, 2006

Progressivegrannie's convention travelogue part two

On the way home, we took the scenic route, avoiding interstate 10 and taking Rt. 281 instead.
Here are some of the sights:

An old haunt from our TCU college days.

Dinosaur tracks in Glen Rose. They are of a small relative of T. Rex that roamed even here in south Texas. Similar foot prints can be seen at the Cibolo Wilderness trail in Boerne, Tx. There were also larger lizard prints in Glen Rose. It is a great place to visit, but wear proper footwear (I did not so hiking was difficult in my slippery shoes). And you can also take a dip in the creek:

Almost home

And don't forget to stop in Kendalia for fresh produce at Kendalia Farms Produce, Richard Rathburn Proprietor. Surprisingly, all in the family are democrats! Buy Blue Ya'll.

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