Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Look! I got my first hate mail!

Here it is:
absolutely disgusting of you. Where are your comments about the Al Qaeda as they attacked, tortured, and beheaded 2 of our soldiers?

Libs are incredible - your disdain for the military and for the US in general is jaw-dropping...even in our greatest victories, you find a way to spit and moan.

Ah, to imagine a world w/o libs - aaahhhhhhh...utopia.

Wasn't that interesting? I read this after I got home from work. I go to work too early in the morning to blog the latest news. Evidently this person thinks he(she?) is reading CNN? If he/she had ever read this blog they would know that I do not disdain the military. Those of us that support the military have done one or more of the following: served in the military (which I have), donated to the USO, Fisher House, Operation Helmet or donated their time by volunteering at a local military or VA Hospital.

As far as the death of the 2 soldiers who were's a tragedy, and I am certain that their deaths will be extremely difficult for their families to take, to understand and to cope with. I pray they have the strength to cope with their loss. However, 2.500 other military personnel have died, and scores more have been wounded. Where is the outrage over their deaths and injuries? Huh, Mr. or Ms. Repugnant? THere is none, because so many in the country like to pretend there is no war, they sacrifice nothing at all, and don't bother to even lend a hand to their military brothers and sisters families.

My friends and family have served admirably in this conflict, saving lives and helping our military personnel survive another day. The military deserve to be recognized for their sacrifices on a daily basis, not just when a soldier's death suits the administrations political purposes. These two poor boys are now just political fodder. They should be left to rest in peace. May God be with their families.


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