Monday, May 08, 2006

We need a strong candidate in 2008, one with steel balls

BuzzFlash Mailbag May 8, 2006: "For a long time Democrats have needed a hatchet man, someone who will play rough and slit throats when the need arises. I think they've got one in Rahm Emanuel, congressman from Illinois and a former policy advisor to President Clinton. Along with Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, they head the party's efforts to retake both houses in the Fall. Emmanuel is a shark. The smell of blood in the water invigorates him and ignites his lust to crush opponents into dust. I believe Hunter Thompson would have liked him.
This is just what the Democratic party needs right now. We don't need 'Bush lite' or people who tack to the left or the center or the right based on the morning polls. Emanuel is a guy who plays for keeps. He'll f**k with you and beat you down. But best of all, he wants to win."

I don't know a lot about Rahm Emanuel, but I think I'll learn more. What we need is someone who will not back down, period. However, we also need all of us, the bloggers and those in the netroots to push away from the keyboard and get out there and put the rubber to the road, and support our candidates despite what the Democratic party bigwigs say. They helped kill what Howard Dean was doing, let's not let them get the upper hand again.

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