Friday, May 19, 2006

Very alert blogger points this factoid out.

Daily Kos: State of the Nation: "Welcome to Iraxico!
by SusanG
Fri May 19, 2006 at 06:39:55 PM PDT
Does something sound vaguely familiar here?
President Bush's planned deployment of National Guard troops to the Mexican border would last at least two years with no clear end date, according to a Pentagon memo obtained Friday by The Associated Press.
The one-page 'initial guidance' memo to National Guard leaders in border states does not address the estimated cost of the mission or when soldiers would be deployed. But high-ranking officials in the California National Guard said they were told Friday that deployments would not begin before early June.
No clear end date? Check.
Not a clue of the final cost? Check.
Fuzzy on deployment dates? Check.
And does any of this language ring a bell?
The document described an 'end date' for the mission when the U.S. Border Patrol operation 'gains independent operational control of the (southwest border) and National Guard forces are no longer required for this mission.'
Unbelievable." favorite comments to this post...

When the Americans Stand Up
The Americans can stand down.
by Carl Ballard

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