Thursday, May 11, 2006

Steven Colbert new American hero

Don Hazen's editorial on the AlterNet web site discusses why Steven Colbert's had such a massive impact. His impact was further advanced by the fact that we can see video on the web, so we can see something the news media won't show us.
In that vein, don't forget that the internet as we know it is now up for grabs as our "illustrious" leaders in Congress "discuss" the issue...or more likely, are told what to do by the big phone companies. It may be that blogs, internet banking, internet shopping, etc will be a thing of the past, unless you have the $$ to pay big bucks to an ISP. Screw the middle class is the motto of our Congress, if and when they actually come to work. I am thinking they should just go home for the remainder of the year and continue to do nothing because what they do is too hurtful to the average American.

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