Friday, May 12, 2006

The plot thickens per NSA whistle blower

NSA Whistleblower To Expose More Unlawful Activity: People Are Going To Be Shocked: CongressDaily reports that former NSA staffer Russell Tice will testify to the Senate Armed Services Committee next week that not only do employees at the agency believe the activities they are being asked to perform are unlawful, but that what has been disclosed so far is only the tip of the iceberg. Tice will tell Congress that former NSA head Gen. Michael Hayden, Bush's nominee to be the next CIA director, oversaw more illegal activity that has yet to be disclosed:
A former intelligence officer for the National Security Agency said Thursday he plans to tell Senate staffers next week that unlawful activity occurred at the agency under the supervision of Gen. Michael Hayden beyond what has been publicly reported, while hinting that it might have involved the illegal use of space-based satellites and systems to spy on U.S. citizens."
All I can say is, holy cow! Bush might as well stroll over to the National Archives and light the constitution with a match. Or like burning the Reichstadt?

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