Wednesday, May 17, 2006 Jaime Castillo | Politics Jaime Castillo | Politics
Normally, Democrats would do cartwheels if Congressman Henry Cuellar fell on the opposite side of an issue as his Republican colleague Henry Bonilla. But the recent 217-213 vote on the GOP lobby reform package has raised questions about party loyalty for both area lawmakers. As one of only eight Democrats to support the legislation, Cuellar has renewed criticisms that he is a Democrat in name only.
"I never received any questions or concerns about lobbyists from calls to our office, e-mails or at constituent meetings," said Bonilla, who is married to a lobbyist.

Bonilla lied. I emailed Bonilla about my concerns over lobbyists, and I am sure that I was not the only one in the San Antonio area to do so. There was an internet form letter that I filled in, one of those that you recieve via email. So I figure, if it's easy to fill in those form letters, more than one person did so.
And Cuellar is a DINO, period, the end, and deserves to be voted out of office!

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