Monday, May 15, 2006

Bush motorcade aims rifles at protesters

Bush Motorcade Aims Assault Rifles At Protesters In Florida
Ok, this is old news from May 12, but I had to comment on it. When I was in Crawford, Tx for the first weekend with Cindy Sheehan, when we veterans had to walk in the ditch with the fire ants, we had an unpleasant experience with the Secret Service. The one big, black SUV drove inches from my feet, and the agent leaned out the window and said, "you better watch out, someone could get hurt." That was my first inkling that freedom of speech would soon be gone.
I have learned many things about the perils of speaking out in the past few years, and none of it has been pleasant. I have been given the finger by people in their 80's, almost had my vehicle rear ended by an old man in a Ford F250 with cattle guard on the front, and I have been called a commie, a pinko and worse. Why? Because I support PEACE. Is that such a horrible concept?
I have sent innumerable boxes to co-workers and friends stationed in Iraq, sent medical textbooks and current medical journals to the medical school in Baghdad. I have demonstrated for peace, campaigned for democratic candidates, and taught my grandchildren the value of freedom of speech and of peace. Why does that make me a commie and pinko? Because I don't agree with those who drank the Bush koolaid? I guess so.
And now, Bush's secret service detail decides to aim at protesters. Bush will be militarizing our border with Mexico even as he expands the detention facilities, as noted in his speech tonight. Will it stop when those of us that disagree with this regime put us in the detention centers? Probably not.
So down the fascist road we go, while most Americans are oblivious. Just like Hitler's rise to power, people refuse to see, and refuse to believe. Only if it touches them directly will they then squirm.
This is not the America I grew up in or served in the military. God help us!

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