Sunday, November 19, 2006

President Bush: Driving Iraq Towards A Wall Of Death

President Bush: Driving Iraq Towards A Wall Of Death
Bob Cesca
"We'll succeed unless we quit," has to be one of the president's most ridiculous and dangerous statements about Iraq since, "Those weapons of mass destruction have to be around here somewhere." No wait. It was one of the most dangerous things he's said since, "It'll be just a comma." That's not it. Since, "Bring 'em on," maybe? Ah hell. There are so many stupid, dangerous and ridiculous things he's muttered with a smirk about this war, you could probably document them on enough paper to build a giant paper bridge from Washington to Baghdad allowing our soldiers to walk home.

This latest nugget of I'm-not-stay-the-course-but-stay-the-course-anyway ignorance was regurgitated by the president in Hanoi, Vietnam of all places which served only to underscore the tragedy of it all. And what's worse is he's signaled an intention to escalate the hostilities with increased troop levels in Iraq -- a plan that appears to be endorsed by the Baker-Hamilton Iraq Study Group. It goes without saying the entire schmear is not only a slap in the face to all the soldiers who are dutifully departing on their fourth and fifth tours of duty, but also a kick to the throat of everyone who spoke out against the war on November
This article is well worth reading as it compares Iraq and Vietnam. Add to this McCain's statement that we need to send a massive number of troops over there and you can only see disaster looming. Will they re-institute the draft? And, where will all those troops come from? And where will the medical support come from? Old military medical folks like me,called back to active duty? Are they f*ing crazy?

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