Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A note from John Courage.

Dear Team Courage,

To All My Friends and Supporters
I have been honored and humbled to have been allowed to represent you as a candidate for the 21st Congressional District of Texas. From Austin to San Antonio to Kerrville and many places in between, I have traveled and spoken and worked to offer the best representation I know how to all of you.

To those of you I have informed, impressed, or convinced that I could and would do a better job in Washington to represent you I say thanks for your support and encouragement, and to those of you I may never have had the chance to meet, and to those I failed to convince to vote for me, I just share your hope that through your vote for my opponent we will receive good leadership over the next two years.

I will continue to strive to serve in whatever way I may be asked, and I will not end my commitment to make this district, state, and country a better place to live in.

Let me add a special congratulations to all the Democratic victors, especially Valinda Bolton, Susan Steeg, Charlie Baird, and Diane Henson in Travis County; and my Hays County friends Liz Sumter, Karen Ford, and Jeff Barton; and finally my San Antonio fellow Democrats Joe Farias, Larry Knoll, and particularly my friend Ciro Rodriguez for forcing Republican Henry Bonilla into a runoff.

All of the candidates, whether they won or lost, worked incredibly hard, and it has been a privilege to be on the ballot with them.

I also want to thank all the great Team Courage staff and volunteers for their work. I know if I name names I will forget someone or two, but you all know who you are and you should be proud of everything you did. The Austin crew, led by Teri, Matt, and Stewart were awesome, and the San Antonio crew of Madeleine, Davida, and Zada (my wonderful spouse) were amazing.

I’ll never forget this great effort and hope you won’t either.

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