Wednesday, November 15, 2006

AlterNet: We Need a "Can-Do" Attitude on Health Care

By Barbara Ehrenreich, AlterNet, Posted on November 15,2006,
After their roaring two-house victory, the Democrats are squeaking about micro-policies. There'll be no impeachment, we're told, though maybe a bit more oversight of Halliburton-style war profiteering. No withdrawal from Iraq, only a 'phased redeployment.' And, the New York Times assures us (11/12/06), that the Dems ' have largely dropped ... talk of a Canadian-style national health insurance.' Instead, they might try to reverse the Medicare drug plan's ban on bargaining for drug price discounts.

They've caught the can't-do spirit that hovers over that former malarial swamp, Washington D.C. "

Wake up Dems! We, the activists helped get you elected and we, the activists can, and will, exert pressure if you continue this cowardly streak.

WE THE PEOPLE did not put you there to sit on your stinking hands! Get some balls and get out there and fight for what is right, even if you don't think you can. We need to see action on issues that are important to our society as a whole.

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