Monday, September 04, 2006

Crikey! A loss to us all, Steve Irwin dies

Steve Irwin, the adventurous Australian explorer who helped put Animal Planet on the TV map with his boisterous cry of “crikey!”, has died from a stingray attack.

A press release issued Monday by Animal Planet said that while filming a special in the Great Barrier Reef, Irwin swam over a stingray and received a barb in the chest. There was a doctor on board Irwin's boat, but he was unable to revive Irwin, who died before a rescue helicopter reached the scene.

According to the AP, the accident happened Monday.

At our house we have a very, very sad 8 yr old boy, who will miss Steve very much. So, we spent some time sending a note of condolence to the Irwin family, and remembering Steve. We had many happy hours watching Steve's antics with animals, and we learned a lot as well.

We will miss you Steve!

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