Thursday, September 07, 2006

Bloggermann: 'Have you no sense of decency, sir?' - Bloggermann -

Bush wants to retroactively re-write war crime protections to help himself and the Bush crime family, and then he gives a speech dredging up Nazis. Excuse me, Mr. President, our government and your administration fits the classic definition of fascism:
Fascism is defined by five characteristics of governance:
• nationalist aggression
• fusing of the state with corporate interests
• single party rule
• the suppression of civil liberties
• and pervasive propaganda.

Olberman is quite eloquent here:

Bloggermann: 'Have you no sense of decency, sir?' - Bloggermann - "'Have you no sense of decency, sir?'

It is to our deep national shame—and ultimately it will be to the President’s deep personal regret—that he has followed his Secretary of Defense down the path of trying to tie those loyal Americans who disagree with his policies—or even question their effectiveness or execution—to the Nazis of the past, and the al Qaeda of the present.
Today, in the same subtle terms in which Mr. Bush and his colleagues muddied the clear line separating Iraq and 9/11 -- without ever actually saying so—the President quoted a purported Osama Bin Laden letter that spoke of launching, “a media campaign to create a wedge between the American people and their government.”
Make no mistake here—the intent of that is to get us to confuse the psychotic scheming of an international terrorist, with that familiar bogeyman of the right, the “media.”
The President and the Vice President and others have often attacked freedom of speech, and freedom of dissent, and freedom of the press.
Now, Mr. Bush has signaled that his unparalleled and unprincipled attack on reporting has a new and venomous side angle:
The attempt to link, by the simple expediency of one word—“media”—the honest, patriotic, and indeed vital questions and questioning from American reporters, with the evil of Al-Qaeda propaganda.
That linkage is more than just indefensible. It is un-American.
Mr. Bush and his colleagues have led us before to such waters.
We will not drink again.
And the President’s re-writing and sanitizing of history, so it fits the expediencies of domestic politics, is just as false, and just as scurrilous."

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