Monday, September 17, 2007

and in other news, not cooking related

Sorry folks, I was under the spell of rhubarb!
This news almost made me toss my rhubarb:
Gingrich plots revenge on Clintons--Firebrand Republican threatens last-minute White House run to end primary 'chaos' - and stop Hillary.

Looking for peace march news? Here you go....

Coverage of the peace march in DC on Sept. 15 was non existent, locally.

Here is what I found:
China News:
Tens of thousands of protesters stage the first anti-war protest in the U.S. capital of Washington since January on Saturday, demanding an end to the Iraq war.

Sydney Morning Herald:
A MARCH by thousands of protesters demanding an end to the Iraq war turned chaotic near the US Capitol, where hundreds sprawled on the ground in a symbolic "die-in", and police arrested almost 200 people, including war veterans.

Police used a chemical spray against some protesters and pushed back others who tried to jump a barrier in a self-described effort to be arrested. The "die-in", on a walkway in front of the Capitol building on Saturday, was generally peaceful until scores of protesters were arrested when they tried to climb over metal fences and a low stone wall.

Russia Today:

Houston Chronicle:
Anti-war Texans join Capitol protest
Smaller group of counterprotesters lined the sidewalks
WASHINGTON — Charlie Jackson, a 48-year-old anti-war activist from Austin, waved the Texas state flag in front of the White House on Saturday to rally opposition to the Iraq policy of the Texan who lives inside.

"What we're trying to do still is to end this war. We've got to keep the pressure up in Washington, in El Paso, in McAllen. We've got to do it until we get this thing stopped," said Jackson, a technology firm executive and the founder of Texans for Peace.

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