Friday, July 06, 2007

Why we need national healthcare

As an RN with a husband who is a Respiratory Therapist, we support national health care. We have seen and will continue to see the heartbreaking problems that occur to those who have health insurance, that blocks access to care, and the results of what happens when access to care is denied to those without insurance. This is a middle class issue. It's not just about the poor. Can you afford to pay the deductibles should you have a major illness? Likely not. Please watch the movie, and then email your representatives, write a letter to the editor, do SOMETHING!

"SiCKO Brings to Life the RN's Everyday Experience"

-Michael Moore

Michael Moore’s latest film, “Sicko” brings to cinematic life and details in unsparing and vivid imagery the everyday experience of all nurses as they care and advocate for their patients in the confines of a health care industry that long ago abandoned its caring mission in favor of the pursuit of profit at any cost. Nurses experience first hand the pain and terror of every patient and their families as they are forced to confront a callous and uncaring health care industry when at their most frail and vulnerable, and the inevitable personal tragedies when they can't receive needed care due to escalating costs and the ‘care containment’ damage endemic to the industry’s medicine-by-spreadsheet credo. It is nurses, of course, who are there to bear witness to these horrendous moments every day of every shift in every hospital across the U.S., and who are often the last and best hope for these patients and families.

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