Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Hold Miers and Taylor in inherent contempt, now!

Bush Orders Miers Not to Testify

LAURIE KELLMAN | July 11, 2007 11:03 PM EST |

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WASHINGTON — President Bush ordered former counsel Harriet Miers to defy a congressional summons, even as a second former aide told a Senate panel Wednesday she knew of no involvement by Bush in the dismissals of eight federal prosecutors. Contempt citations against both women were a possibility.

House Democrats threatened to cite Miers if she refused to appear as subpoenaed for a Judiciary Committee hearing on Thursday. The White House said she was immune from the subpoena and Bush had directed her not to appear, according to Miers' lawyer. Democrats said her immunity ended when she left her White House job.

Across the Capitol, meanwhile, former White House political director Sara Taylor found out what Miers may already have known: It's almost impossible to answer some committee questions but not others without breaching either the subpoena or Bush's claim of executive privilege.

Hold them in Inherent contempt, which means.......

Under this process, the procedure for holding a person in contempt involves only the chamber concerned. Following a contempt citation, the person cited for contempt is arrested by the Sergeant-at-Arms for the House or Senate, brought to the floor of the chamber, held to answer charges by the presiding officer, and then subject to punishment that the House may dictate (usually imprisonment for punishment reasons, imprisonment for coercive effect, or release from the contempt citation.)


It means they will be tried in the House or Senate, outside of the jurisdiction of the Justice Department, which likely would not try the case as they are Bush appointees. It is the only way it can be done. Now, do the Dems have the balls to do it? I certainly hope so.

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