Tuesday, October 07, 2008

the economy

It is usually estimated that salaries double every 10 yrs, thus keeping up with inflation.
I reviewed my salary history since 1969, and here is what I discovered:
1.10 / hr 1969
2.25/ hr 1972
and estimated should have been:
4.40 /hr 1980
8.80 / hr 2000 and
35.30 /2010

What this tells me is that I have made absolutely NO headway since my first job. I have barely, if at all kept up with inflation.So, if there is a nursing shortage why aren't my wages higher? Simply because nurses are not really valued, profit is king to the for-profit healthcare system.

So I am screwed. I know my children are screwed as they will make even less headway, and some, if not all. of my kids will come home at some time because they can't afford rents.

Piss on John McCain! Liar, asshole and all around old, grumpy, nasty man who gives a shit about real people. Neocons be damned. Reagan may you rot in hell. You and your for profit healthcare idea got me to this point.
Thanks for the fascist corporatocracy.


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