Thursday, January 03, 2008

Obama wins Iowa!!!!!

I am so excited I can hardly stand it! 4 years ago, I worked on the Dean campaign in Iowa, and the ending was marred by media B.S. and manipulation. Dean may have lost, but we, the grassroots supporters were well trained to move on and work in other campaigns. The Obama campaign shows what we learned. Kids went to caucus in PJ's (the current fashion in some parts of Iowa), and they caucused and stood their ground! Obama won!

I am still smiling. We need change, big change. It is time for the younger generation to get out there and take it away from the rusty, moldy old guys in D.C. I bow to the younger generation, and say, please, go forward and make this a better USA, less corporate, more geared for the middle class. Some of your elders (I do not include myself) have forgotten what we strived for when we were young. Perhaps younger folks can revive our old ideals and add their own, which would include caring for those less fortunate, building a coalition to develop a national health care plan, and more.

Video of Obama in Ankeny, Iowa, where I campaigned in 2004, a very nice city with great restaurants and wonderful folks with fabulous flower gardens and vegetable gardens. I bow to the Iowa women when it comes to their gardens.

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