Thursday, May 31, 2007

An article about Cindy Sheehan's farewell

Second weekend in Crawford Aug. 2005 {apologies, I can't find the photos from the week before with the Veterans for Peace bus, and the survivor of Hiroshima. If I find them I will add them.

I will always thank Cindy for being active and getting the peace movement noticed. I had found it so disheartening to march with 12 people or less in various spots in Texas, without media coverage, and with people yelling rude things, like "traitor" to us. Why peace is so frightening I will never understand. So it was with great pleasure that I drove to Crawford that first day when Cindy brought her lawn chair to sit outside Georgies ranchette. I will miss her, but I think some breathing and healing room will be excellent for her.

This was a nice article about Cindy's work.....

Cindy Sheehan's Farewell

[from the June 18, 2007 Nation Magazine issue]

Cindy Sheehan never set out to be the face of the antiwar movement. She was a mom thrust by an ugly circumstance and a lovely faith to the forefront of a movement that was struggling to find its voice. She gave it that voice as an honest player who spoke her mind--sometimes intemperately, often imperfectly, always sincerely--and backed up her words with actions. Her unscripted activism allowed her to succeed where others had failed in touching hearts and calling the disengaged, the disenchanted and the downright angry to believe once more in the prospect that citizens can make real the promise of the American experiment.
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