Thursday, October 05, 2006

Briefing on Military Commissions: 9/25/06

Before the C-SPAN hearings, where powerful statements were read to a senate committee by top members of the military [VIDEO], there were untelevised hearings with several experts in the area of interrogation, human rights and the military (video, right).

It's demoralizing enough that the other statements were ghettoized on C-SPAN, but the fact that these articulate, knowledgeable voices weren't televised in any way is probably only a testament to the superb quality of the networks' fall lineups. I mean, who wants "Two and Half Men" pre-empted by some boring torture thingy anyhow.

My comment: When is torture moral? When is it a "Christian value?" If we consider ourselves as intruments of God, when do we remember that Jesus prayed that we be made instruments of peace? Torture is morally and ethically wrong and it is NOT an American value.

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